About me

His Name

Yu-Jeng is his first name. Kuo is his last name.

He is often embarrassed of not immediately realizing people calling his name. To avoid such uncertain situation, you can just call him Tim instead1. This works pretty much every time, guaranteed.


Born in Germany and bred in Taiwan, Yu-Jeng has always shown interest in exploring technology since he was a kid - At the age of 5, he threw a coin into his father’s 5.25 inch floppy disk reader and made it stuck (oopsie). Later in his school days, he developed an interest in understanding how things work (through the hard way) - he stapled his index finger just to see how a stapler works (ouch!). At the same time, his burgeoning love for animals and nature blossomed and he read his first 400-page book Cry of the Kalahari at age 12, and National Geographic became his favorite TV channel. He did not know then that these interests will later inform his education and career.

Three years after receiving his bachelor degree in Animal Science at NCHU in Taiwan, he moved to Germany to pursue his Master degree in Bionic/Biomimetics at HSRW. While studying, he unknowingly became a self-taught programmer, having learnt coding through various university projects. This equipped him with the necessary skills to land a Research Associate position at Kempten University of Applied Science, Germany, upon graduation. His research focus was on the aspect of human factors in automated driving. Key highlights include contributing to two publication and presenting a poster at the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society Annual Meeting (2019) conference in Nantes, France, for which he was awarded the Best Poster Award.

After living abroad for 5+ years, he decided to move back to Asia to be close to home. He is currently based in Singapore.

In addition to C++, Python, JavaScript and SQL, he also speaks Mandarin Chinese, English and German.


Despite of all the uncertainties in life, he has still two hobbies that he enjoys A LOT (which he is quite certain about).

Bouldering/Rock Climbing

He has been around with rocks since 2017. At the moment, he goes approximately three one time in a week bouldering or climbing. He is able to send about V6 in bouldering and 5.10d in climbing. He is always planning on few outdoor climbing trips!


He loves acoustic guitar, especially with finger picking. In addition to guitar course, he also enjoys simply sitting on the grass and improvising something.


Yu-Jeng’s journey as a software engine so far has showed him countless possibilities where and how he can move forward. He wants to be reasonably proficient with both the Front-End as well as Back-End stacks. For example, his recent effort was to make a simple digital guestbook for his own wedding receptions!

  1. If you really want to practice, this is how it really sounds like. But don’t get him wrong, he is always pleased to hear people calling him Yu-Jeng!